Sports, Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage at Fountain Health, Doncaster

Sports, Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage in DoncasterHolistic Massage

The newest member of the Fountain Health Family is Andrew Gillespie. A fully qualified massage therapist with a diploma in holistic massage from the McTimoney college of Chiropractic, Andrew's private massage therapy clinic, APG Health Care, is now based at Barrington House alongside Fountain Dental, Cosmetic and Implant Clinic. 

Andrew has practised massage and physical therapy for three years now, and is experienced in many different massage techniques from Sports, Deep Tissue, Soft Tissue to Swedish allowing him to combine different forms in order to provide the most beneficial results. He combines his practice with further education, studying for chiropractic doctorate degree. 

Functional based massage can help to alleviate specific problems you may be having and has been proven effective for many conditions, including back pain, headaches and stress relief to name a few. So whether you're a sports person, have a pain or niggle that just wont go away or just someone who likes to look after themselves; you can be sure that massage will benefit you so why not pop down to the clinic or call 01302 533 635 and see what APG Health Care can do for you.


Price List

We would reccomend a consultation session to establish how best a massage treatment can be tailored for your needs, enabling you to get the best possible results from your treatments. This session includes a taster massage treatment, which involves use of many different massage techniques available. After the consultation, you may select from the following options with the help of the therapist to select your follow up treatments. All of these are individually tailored to best suit you.

Consultation - 1 hour
Free 10 minute consultations are also available if you are unsure whether massage is for you.

Treatment Plans

These sessions include many different massage techniques, combined to gain maximum benefit for you. These include, Swedish, Sports, Soft Tissue and Deep Tissue massage. All of which combine to provide a deeply relaxing and beneficial treatment.

Head and Neck treatment - £50
Shoulder and Upper Limb treatment - £40
Back treatment - £40
Hip and Pelvis treatment - £40
Lower Limb Treatments - £40
Full Body treatment - £60
This treatment will include all areas of the body and is great for general health and relaxation.


Specialist Treatments

These treatments focus much more on specific areas of your health, and are great if there is one particular problem you might have. This could include deep tissue massage; which is great for releasing tension and knots, as well as functional massage, which is great for increasing the ease of movement in your joints.

Shoulder treatment - £40
Neck Treatment - £50
Hip treatment - £40
Knee and Lower Limb treatment- £30
Upper Limb treatment - £30

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