Gum Health and Fresh Breath

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Gum health and fresh breathEmbarrassed By Bad Breath?

One of the most common causes of bad breath is periodontal disease (gum disease), and plaque (the sticky white substance that forms on your teeth) bacteria in your mouth.

Gum disease means infection or inflammation of the tissues that surround the teeth. If your gums look inflamed, or regularly bleed when you clean your teeth, you are likely to have gum disease.

Brushing your teeth will help to remove plaque but when areas of the mouth are missing by your toothbrush, such as hard to reach areas and inbetween the teeth, plaque is allowed to form and as the bacteria it contains break down proteins and other debris in the mouth, they release foul-smelling gases.

A visit to the dental hygiene therapist will help to reduce plaque, keep your gums healthy and your mouth clean and fresh.  We offer Direct Access to our Hygiene Therapists, call today on 01302 533 635 to book an appointment.

Why is Gum Health Important?

Fountain Dental considers periodontal (gum) health to be the foundation for long-term dental treatment. Without healthy gums and supporting bone, dental treatment will eventually fail. Periodontal pockets (a measure of periodontal ill health) can be measured and recorded periodically. If you have tooth mobility and / or bleeding gums you should seek attention.

Smoking is very strongly linked with periodontal disease and can also hide some of the signs / symptoms meaning that the problem can remain unchecked and only be noticed when it has progressed too far.

If periodontal problems are noted at your initial examination, further investigations would normally be recommended including:

Treatment of Periodontal (Gum) Problems

Mouthwashes, irrigators, electric toothbrushes, medicaments and even our surgical intervention can then be considered gradually and as necessary to help you regain your periodontal health and fresh breath.

De-scale and polishes

De-scale and polishes help to reduce plaque, calculus/ tartar (hard mineral deposits) and tooth staining.

Elyzol Treatment

Elyzol treatment is an option which helps promote gum healing in milder cases of gingivitis/ periodontal disease. Initially an extensive de-scale and polish (with root cleaning) is carried out then Elyzol (Metronidazole Gel) is placed into the gum pockets. This procedure is carried out on two separate occasions about one week apart. This will improve all areas, however some regions may only need regular de-scale and polishes from then on.

Surgical Treatment

A more proactive treatment approach may be considered to remove overgrown (inflamed) gum, which will allow easier cleaning and maintenance of the gum health. Normally sedation will be used in conjunction with surface and local anaesthetic to maintain comfort. The infected excess gum pocketed area is removed (gingivectomy) and then the remainder re-contoured to encourage future gum health (gingivoplasty).

A "low level laser therapy unit" and special medicaments can be applied to immediately start up the healing process. A dressing is placed for comfort (removed approximately 7-10 days later) to ensure an uneventful healing phase and maintain correct gum contour during the healing period.

Periodontal Medications

Periodontal medications can be considered to promote the effectiveness of other treatments. These are available from the practice e.g. Periostat.

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