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General dentist in DoncasterOur range of general dentistry services include:

Diagnostic Investigations

Radiographic imaging (X-rays)

These can be used to complement other dental clinical investigations.  The various types are explained below.

Bitewing Radiographs 

Bitewing Radiographs are routine radiographic views taken to monitor the teeth and surrounding bone levels (one for each side is usually required). This view includes both upper and lower back teeth at the same time.

Periapical Radiographs

Periapical Radiographs are taken of an area to include the root apex (end) checking for infection (usually indicated in previously heavily restored teeth).

Panoral Radiograph

Panoral Radiographs provide a view of all teeth and surrounding bone structures (at once) for later discussion and treatment planning (essential for complex cases). If necessary this will be taken at a nearby practice (a map and prescription can be supplied).

Digital imaging

Digital imaging is an important part of diagnostic investigations. Our Intra-oral camera is able to capture images from inside the mouth at very magnification and resolution. This is ideal for showing before and after treatment records.

Our Extra-oral (NIKON) digital camera is used to record very high quality before and after photos, for case evaluation and cosmetic case guidance.

Electronic Sub-gingival Calculus Detection (Detec-Tar)

Electronic Sub-gingival Calculus Detection (Detec-Tar) can be used to look for hard calculus/ tartar which is very strongly associated with periodontal disease. It is possible for us to detect its presence (normally invisible as it is hidden down gum pockets) and also use this system to ensure the root surface is totally clear after treatments.

Electronic Tooth Decay Detection (DIAGNOdent)

This laser system allows us to accurately measure tooth decay (even when very early and invisible to the naked eye). It also eliminates the chance of “false positive decay” for your peace of mind.

DIAGNOdent has the great advantage of detecting caries in the very early stage by measuring the laser fluorescence within the tooth structure. The results are precise without the requirement for x-ray exposure.

Oral Surgery Procedures

Sometimes a diagnosis or treatment plan may require a slightly more proactive approach which may involve a surgical procedure. We provide a wide variety of such procedures at Fountain Dental. Preparation and pre-treatment discussions are the keys to your confidence and procedure success.

We have a variety of anaesthetics available which can be used in a combination with sedation during treatment to ensure you feel relaxed. Our techniques and equipment allow a minimally invasive approach much like keyhole surgery, which will considerably improve comfort and healing time.

After care is also vitally important, helping you to remain comfortable throughout your efficient healing phase.

Please Note: This practice accepts referrals for oral surgical procedures, please call us for further information.

Our surgical procedures include;

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