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Patients are now able to register and book online by clicking the BOOK ONLINE button. This will open up a new page in your browser and allow you to register and book your appointment at a time convenient to you.

Sedation clinic in DoncasterHere at Fountain Dental, we are aware of the general anxiety some people have towards dentistry. Because we are aware of the issue of dental anxiety, sufficient time will be booked out to explain all options to you in detail and answer any questions. If you wish we can discuss past problems in a relaxed atmosphere in our surgery, or by phone initially prior to an appointment.

We offer different types of sedation for the extremely nervous patient. Anxious patients may prefer inhalation sedation, which is also known as ‘laughing gas’,  or intravenous sedation, where a small injection is used to ensure that you are relaxed enough to receive the treatment you need. Alternatively, we offer oral sedation which involves taking a tablet.

Surface / topical anaesthetic in the form of a spray or gel can be used, after which special long acting local anaesthetics will help to ensure complete numbness, which is essential for patient comfort. Topical Anaesthetics can be used before de-scale and polishes to help reduce any sensitivity without the need for an injection. In this way we believe we can also help new patients to regain some confidence in modern dentistry.

Inhalation sedation is available and each dental surgeon who works at this practice has carries out several thousand problem-free sedation procedures. So you are in good experienced hands with a perfect track record.

Music can be provided via headphones to give you a pleasing distraction during treatment and is especially effective when used to complement sedation. You can choose from our CD selection, bring your own CD or perhaps your own MP3 player.

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